Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

These Guys Are Tops

Don’t judge us. We love a sliced roast beef sandwich and curly fries on occasion.

But until now, we had to satisfy our craving at a fast-food spot that rhymes with Schmarby’s and always manages to let us down and send us into a fast-food shame hole with a side of cheese sauce.

Well, no more. We have a far fancier version of that fast-food favorite with the first re-located location of Top Round in Texas. After a brief stint at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving, franchisees and husbands Daniel Blaylock (left) and Jason Napolitan (right) have relocated to the red-hot restaurant destination on Bryan Street.

This gay-owned franchise delivers some of the best roast beef sandwiches and curly fries in a fast-casual setting with something that other roast beef joint doesn’t have—a full bar! They have a pretty damned good sandwich option, too, should you be one of the many still boycotting that place that rhymes with Schmick-swill-a.

The California-based Top Round restaurant has a loyal following thanks to its chef-driven approach to fast food. Utilizing only the top quality ingredients and making everything from scratch in the kitchen (including those amazing fries and their own Cheese “Wizz”), every location delivers a top-notch experience.

Best of all, you can get a side kale salad to keep you from feeling completely guilty for all those meats and carbs. Or try one of the plant-based options, including a kick-ass fried buffalo cauliflower sandwich. Which, of course, means you can save room for their frozen custard desserts. And maybe a second cold beer or blackberry mule. Or all of the above.

We can pretty much guarantee you’ll like whatever you order from the extensive menu.

Because everything here rhymes with schmelicious.

Top Round Roast Beef
4800 Bryan Street, Dallas

Main photo by Melissa Coulier
Food photo courtesy Top Round Roast Beef



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