Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Skin Deep

As the saying goes, there’s more to a book than its cover.

Here’s a prime example.

The front of Meus Puer features a cropped section of a nude male form—a glimpse of a shoulder, a bit of chest hair and the slightest hint of a tattoo. This tiny tease on the cover leads directly to a quote from Oscar Wilde followed by several pages of gorgeous black and white photos from Dallas photographer, Kurtz Frausun.

Studio Frausun is an art studio space near the Dallas Design District known for boudoir and erotic photography, experimental films, underground movies and any project that challenges concepts of traditional art. So it should go without saying that Frausun’s glossy photo book, the title of which translates from Latin to My Boy, could be considered boundary-pushing to many.

Within the book are six photo essays (The Flower, Arjuna, Secrets, Secret Lover, Slim Gift Soul and Warrior) each exploring facets of masculinity and femininity within each subject while exposing the diversity of the male form. (Yes, Virginia, there’s nudity!)

Dramatic, erotic and hauntingly beautiful, the photographs contained within Meus Puer bring a sense of calm to the chaotic and showcase sensuality and power in unexpected ways. In a world where many of us have become desensitized to nudity, it’s nice to flip through the pages and experience the vulnerability of naked men a literal hands-on way.

And not confined to the pixels of a phone screen.

Meus Puer, Kurtz Frausun

Photos courtesy of Kurt Frausun