Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Gray Agenda

When you transition from “Who’s your Daddy?” to “Who’s your Granddaddy?”— it might be time to start thinking about retirement.

And potentially looking for senior housing.

We’re all going to get old someday (and to many we’ve already crossed that line), so it’s fantastic that there’s a local organization with the specific needs of LGBT seniors in mind.


The Coalition for Aging LGBT has a guide available around town that brings together in one place more than two years of research, collaboration and LGBT cultural training with 17 senior communities across North Texas. The resulting printed compilation of data aims to give seniors peace of mind when selecting a place to retire in style. It’s also available online.

A detailed criteria scale shows how the guide’s creators score the various senior facilities so you can better understand why one place receives an 80% score versus 100%. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteer-based North Texas LGBT-Friendly Senior Housing Initiative, things will only continue to get better for the Dallas-Fort Worth LGBT population entering their golden years.

As long as we get to be the Blanche, that’s our only goal.

North Texas LGBT-Friendly Senior Housing Guide
Available now in hard copy & online