Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Walgreens, Wars & Whitney

We need prayer now, more than ever.

Walgreens.  I’m concerned about the future availability of my various pills.  I have always depended upon Walgreen’s to fill all my prescription needs, but now comes news that the drugstore giant is facing financial troubles and is ready to be bought as a publicly traded company and taken private.  What to do?  On the one hand, it is good to know that the price of my orthopedic hosiery will not be fettered by some random investor’s greed.  On the other hand, I know nothing of the intentions of any new private owner.  Overall, I believe this will be a good move.  After all, I think it’s best that my drug dealer remain private going forward.  Amen?

Wars.  I hope that each of you took the time earlier the week to remember someone who served in our great country’s armed forces.  As I reflected on Veteran’s Day, I felt a certain breeze waft through the air.  In light of our President’s current leadership and the many things he has done to, I mean, for our country’s freedoms and standing these past couple of years, I daresay that that gentle breeze was created by thousands of deceased service members who fought in wars for this great country spinning in their graves.  May they soon rest in peace.

Whitney.  Sister Whitney Houston, gone from this mortal coil for over 7 years now, is once again the subject of literary scrutiny.  This time from her alleged lesbyterian paramour, Sister Robyn Crawford.  Look, I really don’t give a rat’s hind end on the intricacies of Sister Whitney’s intimacies.  We heard enough about Bobby Brown, for heaven’s sake!  However, if Sister Houston was indeed called to forsake her Sapphic ways in order to become the megastar she was, I have to feel a shred of empathy.  When one is consumed by the evils of substances, it is rarely a simple hobby.  Rather, it’s a balm to soothe internal pain, shame and confusion.  For this reason then, I shall remain open to Sister Crawford’s book report in the hopes that we can all learn that WH just wanted to dance with somebody who loved her.  Let us pray.