Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Taking Care Of Fizzness

Sparkle much?

We know we love anything bubbly, from wine to butts and everything in between. And because we stereotypically adore the Official Gay Drink™, the vodka soda, we consume more than our fair share of fizzy liquids.

For years we’ve made our own seltzer at home, but a brand new technology launched yesterday changes everything you think you know about the carbonation process. Spärkel uses a unique formulation of high-quality sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to create CO2 gas when mixed with water. 100% naturally.

Simply add the contents of two tiny packets of powder, fill the bottle with cold, filtered water and any ingredients you’d like to infuse your fizzy water with flavor. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices—the only limit is your imagination and the quirkiness of your taste buds.

Set the level of bubbles you require, from lightly bubbly to seriously bubbly, and let the magic happen. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have perfectly carbonated water in your favorite flavor ready to drink. And more importantly, ready for a healthy shot of Tito’s.

Spärkel beverage systems come in seven different colors and retail for $99.99 for white or black and $119.99 for the fashion colors. A 90-pack of carbonators runs $49.99, meaning that each 750ml beverage will only run you 55¢ per bottle.

Not only is that a great price for a freshly infused beverage with quality and ingredients you control, think of the positive impact on the environment you’ll be making by not discarding 90 plastic bottles for the same amount of thirst management.

It’s a win for the earth. And a win for your holiday gift list, too.

Spärkel Beverage Systems
$99.99 to $119.99

Photo courtesy of Spärkel