Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Forecast Calls For Ice

We love to host cocktail parties. Mostly because using a cocktail shaker makes our biceps look really good. But also because we enjoy opening up our home to a bunch of drunks.

Yet the experience of making cocktails can be an exhausting endeavor, what with all the citrus squeezing, herb muddling and ingredient measuring. And hiring a private bartender totally defeats the purpose of an affordable night in.

If only there were an easier way to enjoy craft cocktails!

Spoiler alert: There is. On The Rocks Premium Cocktails have occupied a prominent place in our liquor cabinet for a long time, but we only recently realized that it’s a favorite thing we’ve never written about. (Probably because we’ve been too busy drinking.)

When we think of a rainbow, these are the colors we see.

You may have already seen On The Rocks cocktails at your favorite liquor store, hotel or airline, but if you haven’t yet tried them, you’re definitely missing out.

First and foremost, OTR uses only all-natural ingredients and cane sugar to craft a lineup of all-time greatest boozy hits: classic versions of the Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, Aviation, Cosmpolitan and a duo of Margaritas (traditional lime and jalapeƱo-pineapple).

And unlike some ready-to-drink cocktails on the market, each OTR bottle utilizes major spirit brands for the highest quality beverages possible. That makes it easier than ever to be horny for Hornitos, go cruisin’ for Cruzan or get naughty with Knob Creek.

And each pour rings up significantly less than an equivalent cocktail at pretty much any Dallas bar.

Perfect stocking stuffers for adults with hosiery hanging from the mantel.

The only thing you have to do is add ice, but we recommend at least putting some effort into your garnish game.

After all, with all the time you’ve saved in mixing cocktails from scratch, the least you can do is bedazzle some rosemary or set an orange peel on fire.

On The Rocks Premium Cocktails
Available at liquor stores throughout DFW