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The Drag Race Contestant Single We Didn’t Know We Needed

Somewhat reluctantly, we watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK week after week until the finale. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting or well-produced as the stateside version, but it filled our need for battling drag queens while we wait for Season 12 and All-Stars 5.


The finale of the UK edition found Divina De Campo coming in second place, even though she never once had to lip-sync for her life. But that’s happened before and it’ll undoubtedly happen again, fair or not.

However, the video to her single, “A Drag Race Song,” just dropped and we’re living for it. It sounds like every other single released by many former cast members, but this time that’s entirely the point. Divina deftly parodies the generic nature of so many of these cash-grab tunes and it’s the biggest laugh we’ve had so far today.

Check it out here:

Divina De Campo
Everything you need to know about her:

Photo via facebook.com/DivinadeCampoUK