Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Hallmark Of A Cheesy Good Time

The Hallmark Channel’s received a lot of attention this past few days. And not for their usual trademark holiday schlock.

But whether you love the network’s eye-roll-worthy holiday movies or hate them, agree or disagree with the controversy over the pulling and un-pulling of a commercial with a same-sex kiss, you’re sure to enjoy Stomping Ground Theater’s The Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie.

For two brunch performances this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday, you can enjoy a BYOB laugh-fest that will touch on every yuletide cliché in the book—and easily a few hundred you hadn’t yet considered.

Tickets are only $13 and because you can bring your own booze, this could be your cheapest—and funniest—brunchtime event of the year.

The Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie
Tickets: $13
Saturday, December 21 and Sunday, December 22
12:30 p.m. (Seating begins 15 minutes prior)
Stomping Ground Theater
1350 Manufacturing Street #109, Dallas