Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Decade: The Best For Your Bulge

The 2010s have been filled with ups and downs. (And thankfully, ins and outs). But enough about what we did out of our underwear.

We had plenty of fun in our underwear and thanks to our Underwear of the Month feature, we were able to test out so many briefs, boxers, jocks and impractical sexywear that we had to add a full second drawer in our closet to handle our favorites.

Looking back all the way to 2000, we re-read and reminisced about underwear we loved and the underwear we left behind (usually in someone’s hotel bathroom). Then we went to our dynamic underwear-drawer duo to see which brands we still wear on the regular.

Several have made the cut for everyday wear, so we decided to do our own end-of-year countdown for our final story of the decade. Without further ado, here are our five favorite underwear brands of the past 10 years.

So much luggage for so few clothes. Photo by Addicted

5: Addicted/ES Collection. The only thing we love more than this super-sexy brand of underwear is being able to shop for it in person at the Dallas boutique.


We’d like to go somewhere under these rainbows. Photo by Andrew Christian

4: Andrew Christian. It would be impossible to create a best-of list without this ubiquitous brand that’s always innovating with flattering styles we can’t wait to try on. Plus, when you see a guy wearing Andrew Christian it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s gay.


This guy’s got great Wood. Photo by Wood

3: Wood. Not only do we adore the fit of their trunks and briefs, but with a name like Wood the jokes write themselves.


Ride that cowboy, Alyssa! Photo by Marek + Richard

2: Marek + Richard. This edgy Dallas-based brand always features some of the craziest, funniest ad campaigns that often flirt with controversy thanks to the namesake owners who aren’t afraid to push people’s buttons. Better still, the fit on everything from jockstraps to briefs makes us look bigger in all the right places.


We wanna get wet! Hey, over here! Photo by Jack Adams

1: Jack Adams. We owe much of our weight loss and improved fitness to Jack Adams. Their insanely sexy jockstraps motivate us to go to the gym every day simply so we have an excuse to put one on. They’re the next best thing to being naked.


Happy New Year to all and to all a good tighty-whitie!