Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make Art, Not War

In the center ring, there’s a fight raging on. You cheer on your favorite while trying to avoid the inevitable red splatter.

Don’t worry, we’re not sending you to a boxing match but something far more beneficial to culture and society: Art Battle Dallas.

Most of the opportunities to see art take place in cold, quiet museums or galleries where people speak at a whisper. Not at this fast-paced, raucous event featuring three fast-paced rounds of painters making the quickest art you’ve ever seen. You’re encouraged to scream, sing, do a little dance, whatever feeling takes over.

Best of all, you get to vote on the winner. And better still, you can take home your very own piece in the auction afterward. This could easily be the most fun you’ll ever have procuring a piece of original art.

Unless you consider Grindr dick pics masterpieces in their own right.

Art Battle Dallas
Tickets: $15 to $20
Saturday, January 11
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Deep Ellum Art Co.
3200 Commerce Street, Dallas

Photos courtesy of Art Battle Facebook