Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Porter For President

Sunday night, we had dinner at a restaurant downtown specifically because they don’t have a single TV in the place. We don’t give a flying turd about watching the Super Bowl and we weren’t about to start.

The same goes quadruple for tonight’s State of the Union address starring the Human Hemorrhoid that lives in the White House.

What we will be watching today, however, is the LGBTQ State of the Union with Billy Porter, debuting at noon on LogoTV’s YouTube channel. In his address for the second year in a row, he’ll lay out everything that’s happening right now regarding LGBTQ rights—good and bad—so we can better grasp exactly what’s at stake during the next election.

As for what we’ll be watching tonight, we’ll probably opt for a Schitt’s Creek marathon.

Because we sure as hell won’t be watching Schitt for Brains giving his speech in front of the joint session of Congress.

LGBTQ State of the Union with Billy Porter
12:00 PM ET
Logo’s Youtube Channel