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Underwear Of The Month: Fun Below The Waist

Conservative, liberal or somewhere in between? Thankfully, we’re not questioning your political persuasion.

Your underwear preference, however, definitely piques our interest.

Our Underwear of the Month feature always exposes our readers to all the latest and greatest, but also tried-and-true classics in the cup-your-balls/hug-your-ass department.

Last month, we showcased a more fabric-intensive underwear line and we got a lot of positive feedback. Well, we’re back to our sexy, sexy ways with this month’s chosen brand, J.J. Malibu. You may recognize the barely-there silhouettes from their appearance on the perfect bodies of the Pit Crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season four.

But we’re here to confirm that these fun, tongue-in-cheek styles look good on even those of us with less-than-perfect bods. Perhaps it’s because the comfort gives us confidence or that we know the outrageous patterns get us the attention we crave.

The Tornoto-based fashion company offers underwear in a variety of styles, from string bikinis, thongs and jockstraps on the skimpy side to classic briefs and boxers on the slightly-less-skimpy side.

Best of all, you can try some of them out yourself for absolutely free if you’re the lucky winner of this month’s giveaway (entry details below for a $100 gift card). Even if you don’t win, of course, you’re going to want to check these undies out.

Because summer won’t be summer if you don’t invite people to lick your ice cream cone.

J.J. Malibu
$15.95 to $25.95

Photos courtesy of J.J. Malibu