Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: Take A Trip To Mexico

For years, our friends from the northern territories of Dallas-Fort Worth have begged us to try Mexican Sugar. And for years, we’ve decided going to actually Mexico is almost as fast as getting to a restaurant in far north Plano. (We’re kidding, of course, but only partially.)

Well, this past weekend we decided to finally dust off the old Toll Tag and hit the open road for a destination brunch. Damn, are we glad we made the trek to the gorgeous space. (Plus, we were able to stock up on frozen meatballs at IKEA before we headed back to Dallas.)

Because we made the harrowing journey Planoward, we wanted to make sure brunch really counted. That’s code for “we ordered a lot.”

From some of the best queso blanco in town and next-level queso quemada to one of our favorite new brunch features, the DIY sangria bar, each item that hit the table was better than what came before it.

And that’s before the chocolate avocado cake and housemade churros had even arrived.

In fact, everything at Mexican Sugar’s made from scratch. With love.

Just like in old Mexico.

Now this is our kind of grilled cheese
Accessorize your brunch cocktails at the mimosa/sangria bar
Steak and eggs that’ll make you dance
Pig out on Mexican Sugar’s famous pork chop—with eggs if you want it brunchy
Avocado, chocolate and a little spice make this cake extra nice

Mexican Sugar Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
7510 Lone Star Drive, Plano

Food photos by Steven Lindsey