Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Besame, Banana & Bahamas

Let us take to our knees, Brothers and Sister.

Besame.  Conservative stalwart, Brother Rush Limbaugh, has been getting his fair share of press lately.  First, his unfortunate cancer diagnosis.  Second, receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Trump.  And finally, his recent harangue on the prospect of a sodomite President saying “besame mucho” (that’s Mexican) in public with his potential White House “roommate.”  To the first point, my prayers are with his cancer.  Secondly, at least it wasn’t a Purple Heart.  And finally, Brother Rush, let me offer a thought on how parents can explain this candidate PDA to their children.  Some boys like girls, some girls like boys, some boys like boys and some girls like girls.  Some evangelicals like charlatans.  It’s all a mystery.

Banana.  Attorney General, Brother Bill Barr, is also in the news these days.  You might remember the Cliff’s Notes version of Bobby Mueller’s book report which Billy issued last year.  Now, the big AG is waving his judicial wand around to try to circumvent justice in favor of our President.  Many are calling for him to resign.  (Much like another Barr did in TV not too long ago.)  One might even say the Justice Department needs to be “dis-Barred.”  The fear is that he is turning our country into a Banana Republic.  I personally think they carry fine merchandise, but wouldn’t it be more conservative to turn America into a Brooks Brothers?  Lord!

Bahamas.  Many of you know of my dedication to Brother JJ Watt, a “defensive end” for the Houston Texans football team.  I have offered to anoint him on several occasions and often praise the gifts of beauty he has been bestowed.  This weekend he went and married a female soccer player in the Bahamas. Now, I’m sure you also know how I feel about female athletes.  Suffice it to say, I am skeptical of this union.  Regardless, I would like to quell any rumors that I was the woman dancing with him at the reception.  It was INDEED his grandmother.  First of all, I would never be seen in a pants suit, secondly I’m a Babatist and therefore don’t dance.  And finally, if I DID have a momentary slip in morality and chose to dance with Brother JJ, I can guarantee it would have been a slow dance, cheek to cheek.  GLORY!