Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pink Traveler: Summer On The Slopes

Right about now, we’re a little tired of the cold, dreary weather in Dallas. Sure, we’ve been spared any major wintry weather (so far), but our thoughts are already drifting to sun-soaked beaches and men in square-cuts carrying each other piggyback through clear, shallow waters sipping frozen drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, laughing at the perfection of their lives at that specific moment. (Yes, our daydreams are quite specific.)

Yet as much as we’re yearning for sunshine and warmth, we know that come August in Texas we’re going to wish we were someplace where it’s more likely to freeze an egg on the sidewalk than fry one.

Well, advance planners, we have the perfect solution: Winter Pride NZ 2020 in Queenstown, New Zealand. While we’re busy sweating through our Andrew Christians, people in the Southern Hemisphere can play Christmas carols without it seeming completely weird.

Wonder if that cape makes him go faster. Photo courtesy of Winter Pride NZ via Facebook.

Taking place August 28 to September 6 (how’s that for a change of pace on Labor Day Weekend?), the dayslong festival features everything from themed skiing events (Onesie Day!) and Pride cruises to men-only underwear parties and women-only dance parties. Of course, you’ll also find staples such as a big White Party, as well as unique twists like a Pride parade on the ski slopes.

Winter Pride packages and individual event tickets can be purchased now on the web site.

As for getting there, unfortunately, there aren’t any nonstop flights from DFW to New Zealand (yet), so rather than a 30-plus-hour travel day with a layover somewhere along the way, we highly recommend flying from here to Honolulu for a couple of nights to get acclimated to the time change (Hawaii and New Zealand have only a one-hour difference), soak up a little tropical sunshine, then head to the snow.

Because there’s nothing like experiencing the best parts of summer and winter in the same vacation. Especially with a bunch of gays.

Winter Pride NZ 2020
August 28 to September 6