Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pardon, Pete & Pudding

Hear, O Lord, my supplications.

Pardon.  Let us reflect on the mercy that our President has shown over the past week.  A man whose moral compass is magnetically bereft has seen fit to issue pardons for a few convicted criminals, freeing them from bondage and imprisonment.  Rather than comment directly on these decisions, let me simply quote scripture from Jeremiah 18:23:  “Do not pardon their crimes! Do not ignore their sins as though you had erased them! Let them be brought down in defeat before you!”  This is the Word of the Lord.

Pete.  I just about gagged this week when I witnessed a 9 year old boy ask Pete Buttigieg advice on how to come out as a sodomite to the world.  Asked with absolutely no shame whatsoever!  Of course, Brother Pete called the child brave, etc etc.  Lord!  I haven’t been this politically dismayed since 1960 when a child asked Brother JFK if it was ok to be CATHOLIC!

Pudding.  Let us join our hearts in prayer for Brother Harvey Weinstein.  His sins have found him out and his guilt and shame have been laid bare on the path to prison.  Rejoicing has been heard among his accusers to whom I offer a balm of peace.  I pray that Brother Harvey doesn’t lean too far onto his walker or he might get a taste of his own medicine from some inmate named Moose.  Should that happen, may I prayerfully suggest that he be given some pudding or Jell-O for comfort?  Brother Cosby will be nearby.  Praise!