Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Super, Second & Sudden

Here are my Primary concerns.

Super.  Last week I had to deal with FAT Tuesday and this week it was SUPER Tuesday.  What’s next week gonna bring, FILTHY Tuesday?  It’s unfortunate that you will be reading this after the results of the primaries.  Therefore, I’ll just make some comments as of this writing.  The Demoncrats are in a human game of chess, moving positions in strategic manners.  Suddenly, everyone is behind Brother Biden (although having Brother Pete behind him might be cause for concern).  Honestly, this is a good idea, as the elderly Brother Joe will need the support in case he falls.  I hope you all exercised your right to vote, even if you didn’t see “Undecided” on the ballot.  God Bless America!

Second.  Speaking of elections, regardless of who gets the Demoncratic nomination for President, prayers are already being spoken for the wisdom to choose a Vice-Presidential running mate.  So many who initially ran for the Presidency might be options.  Throngs are shouting for Brother ButtGag to be considered.  But let’s just put that to rest.  I can’t imagine this country having two “second-in-commands” in a row from Indiana.   Amen?

Sudden.  Liberal news station MSNBC is in the news after one of its long-time hosts, Brother Chris Matthews, suddenly and shockingly retired while on air and left the program, leaving other staffers to mumble through the next hour of programming.  It is my prayer that other television news hosts will take note.  In an attitude of optimism, I shall be doubling down on my viewing of THE 700 CLUB in anticipation of Brother Pat walking off and leaving the show to a former Miss America.  Praise!