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Brunch Of The Week: Oh, What A View!

How good is the food? 

How strong are the drinks? 

Will they let us drink hollandaise with a straw?

Normally these questions take priority when determining our Brunch of the Week selection, but in the case of Katy Trail Ice House, it’s all about the eye candy on parade.

As luck would have it, the food here’s pretty great, too.

To be clear, they only offer one brunchy item: a breakfast taco platter. But they can be tricked out with potato, bacon, brisket or sausage. Or you can do like we did this past weekend and just load up on nachos and guac.

It’s all about the patio! | Credit: Katy Trail Ice House Facebook

Katy Trail Ice House opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Getting there early ensures that you can snag the best seat (especially important if you plan to hang out all day because by early afternoon the line to get in becomes impossibly long). Bring along your well-behaved dog, start a tab and grab a table closest to the trail.

Trust us, you’ll love watching all the hot, shirtless guys run, jog or saunter by. Some of them are so fit, it’s almost unbelievable. Of course their secret to rockin’ bods is actually exercising on the trail.

Not watching others while sipping on giant margaritas. 

Katy Trail Ice House