Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Stream, Queen!

We’re on self-isolation Day 4 and we’ve quickly realized that if we’re going to get through this long-term, we have to do more than binge-watch TV and movies. Or spend hours with our free trial to Mr. Man.

Our gym, like pretty much everyone else’s in the United States, closed down Monday evening indefinitely, leaving those of us with a fitness routine scrambling for ways to keep active. Sure, we’re walking our dogs daily, but that’s hardly enough to get us in swimsuit shape for the beach vacation we know will happen eventually.

Luckily, our gym is offering its members free daily workout videos. And we know other local gyms are offering paid classes online to keep people active during Stay-at-home-palooza. For everyone else, however, paying for at-home classes may not be an option.

That IKEA couch is finally good for something because it sure sucks to sit on.

That’s where good ol’ Amazon comes in.

Included with your Prime membership are dozens of workout videos, ranging from stretching and yoga to H.I.I.T. routines and Zumba (the only way we’ll do Zumba is in the privacy of our own home).

Hell, the search engine even thinks John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever follow-up Staying Alive counts as exercise. An exercise in how not to make a sequel, perhaps, but that’s about it.

Coming out the other side of this in better shape will be the best revenge against COVID-19. So, join us virtually “at the gym” and try to work out at least once a day. We’ll be happy to trade shower pics, too, if you want to replicate the locker room experience.

Amazon Prime Fitness Videos