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How To Pretend You’re On The Beach

We have a drinking ritual when we go to Mexico beach towns. Whether we’re in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo or Cancun, we always start our vacation with a Miami Vice (half piña colada, half strawberry daiquiri).

But after that, we’re All Chelada All The Time.

In some Mexican destinations, the beer-lime-and-salt-over-ice concoction is called a Chelada. In some regions, it’s called a Michelada. Sometimes one or the other contains tomato juice, clamato juice, salsa, or Bloody Mary mix. And we’ve never been able to get a straight answer as to why it’s called different things in different places. We prefer the non-tomato version by whatever name it’s called, plus by serving it on the rocks it stays cold longer in the hot tropical sun.

Well, there’s no guesswork as to what’s inside Sol Chelada Limón y Sal. It’s simply a large, 24-ounce can of refreshing Sol cerveza with a hint of natural lime flavor and salt.

We did a little shelter-in-place happy hour on our front patio yesterday and downed two of the beer cocktails while watching people exercise—and exercise social distancing—on the street. With some chips, guacamole and salsa to accompany our Cheladas, as well as one hot shirtless guy jogging by, we could almost pretend we were on the beach without a worry in the world.

Of course, two 24-ounce beers kept us from worrying too much about anything whatsoever, but that’s the power of imagination and 3.5% alcohol by volume.

Drunken dreamers, unite!

Sol Chelada Limón y Sal
Available at Total Wine & More, major convenience stores (including 7-Eleven and Exxon Tiger Mart), and independent retailers throughout North Texas. Check your favorite for at-home delivery.
sol.com; facebook.com/SolBeerUS