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Fauci, Films & Flatulence

The latest in inspirational advice and commentary for these unprecedented times.

Fauci.  Praise God for the wisdom of Brother Doctor Anthony Fauci.  As head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Brother Tony has been on the forefront of knowledge, wisdom and advice as we face these uncertain days.  Not only do I respect his medical knowledge, but I am astonished at his fortitude in concern standing behind our (self) esteemed President in press conference updates on the latest updates regarding COVID-19.  While I do not have the education or medical wisdom to understand Dr. AF’s ability to speak about the virus, I am grateful to empathize with his humanity in the face of ineptitude.  One face palm moment over the President’s shoulder brings me infinitely closer to the good doctor’s spirit.  Let us pray.

Films.  With the world in isolation at home, the television is once again becoming the center of family gatherings.  Television shows are getting revisited en masse.  Films are being re-watched or finally viewed after years of delay.  As you pray about the Lord’s leadership in choosing your next cinematic adventure, may the Lord keep you from certain films as you work your way through the years of moviemaking.  1971’s THE OMEGA MAN will not serve as any comfort, even though it stars that fine patriot, Charlton Heston.  Equally discomforting 1971 celluloid work would be THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN.  No, I suggest when finding a good film from that year, I’d stick to KLUTE.  Even though it won an Oscar for Jane Fonda playing a hooker, at least the slut doesn’t die in the end and Sister Jane still kickin’ today.  Roll ‘em!

Flatulence.  Latest news regarding the virus is that it is preceded by a loss of one’s sense of smell.  Listen, I have always been very gassy.  Until I stop making myself sick from the smell of Sulphur in my Lay-Z-Boy, I shall rejoice in my victory over this disease.  GLORY!