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You Can’t Spell Quarantine Without A-R-T

The greatest thing to come of all the quarantine, self-isolation and shelter-at-home initiatives is the boundless creativity found in the way people cope.

Restaurants are adapting to ever-changing mandates. Musicians and comedians are creating new content at a fascinating speed. And everyone else has found new ways to use technology to connect with people worlds apart—or six feet away.

The latest innovation comes from the art world, or more specifically local artists Ted Kincaid and Scott Anderson Together in partnership with Glasstire, they’ve created the non-profit online experience, Pandemic Faire, a virtual art fair curated to showcase contemporary visual artists.

Unlike a visit to a real gallery, there’s no champagne reception or finger sandwiches, but you can always open a separate browser tab with photos of both of those things.

Simply browse through the artwork, then click for direct links to the artists’ web sites and gallery information where you can get all the information you need to purchase art directly.

Purchases help artists, of course, but even if you’re simply a lookie-loo, you’re benefiting by getting exposure to some truly remarkable art.

New artists will be added weekly until the pandemic gets under control, so visit often. Purchase when you can.

And wash your hands.

Pandemic Faire