Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Puff. Puff. Stream.

If ever there were a time we need legal marijuana in Texas, it’s now. But somehow, we don’t think that technicality stops anyone from partaking.

Whether you’re into smoking a little doobster, chowing down on a THC-infused cookie, or don’t ever touch the stuff and never will, we have some exciting news.

Last May, we flew all the way to San Francisco to be in the audience for the inaugural year of the SPLIFF Film Festival, a marijuana-fueled spin-off of Dan Savage’s amateur porn film festival, HUMP!

Once upon a time (2019), the only way you could see these films was to fly to a city where pot’s legal and catch the festival in theaters. Well, the good folks over at SPLIFF Headquarters have released the entire collection of shorts for streaming!

For a minimum $5 donation, you can stream it in the comfort, privacy and socially-distant safety of your own home. All proceeds will go directly to the filmmakers whose work is featured in the festival.

Best of all, the short movies are all so creative, you don’t even need to be high to enjoy them. Tipsy would certainly help, but sober is sexy, too.

So grab your bestie Mary Jane, Margarita or Betty Ford and settle in for a crazy night of entertainment.

It’s high-culture in the best possible way.

SPLIFF Film Festival Online Streaming
$5 Minimum Donation
Available to view through April 7