Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

There’s Got To Be A Morning After

So, a little birdie tells us you’ve been drinking.

A lot.

But don’t worry, we’re not judging anyone. Especially since the very same birdie that spilled the tea was so tipsy he flew into a window and was given an FUI citation by some lark nark.

Between helping kids with online school work (maybe even becoming their full-time teacher), being cooped up with a significant other longer than ever before or simply growing weary of too much alone time, hitting the bottle has become a daily ritual for many of us.

Booze ain’t just for weekends and church anymore, folks!

Well, even though it can be fun to drown your sorrows while you’re in the moment, the next day can be a little rough. Thankfully, there’s a book here to make recovery a little more tolerable.

Hangover Helper by Lauren Shockey features 50 different hangover-cure recipes from around the globe. Each illustrated page even contains a rating scale of how easy it is to prepare while hungover—or potentially still drunk from the night before.

Many recipes utilize everyday pantry staples, making it ideal for these times when we can no longer easily get our hands on organic lion’s mane mushrooms, spotted dick or live lobsters for the tank in our kitchen. You’ll find everything from Bloody Mary variations to non-alcoholic beverages and booze-soaking foods that are so tasty you might want to make for special occasions other than nursing a hangover.

Perhaps a very crowded celebration when all this bullshit’s over.

Hangover Helper by Lauren Shockey
$13.69 at target.com