Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rhymes With Schmornography

Most of us have a lot of extra time on our hands these days if we’re not among those working for essential businesses.

Between eliminating the roundtrip commute to the office and less time needed to get ready each morning, it seems like the extra hours in each day are piling up.

What to do, what to do.

You could plant a garden. Write a novel. Finally learn a new language. Or, you could have a little fun and make a porno. Yep, a good, old fashioned adult-themed motion picture.

Best of all, it could make you big bucks.

Last week we mentioned that the marijuana-fueled SPLIFF Film Festival was streaming online, but Dan Savage‘s original film fest, HUMP! is taking submissions now through September 15.

They’re looking for short films that are five minutes or less. They can be hardcore, softcore, live action, animated, kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans or genderqueer. Anything goes with the exception of involving animals, poop or anyone under the age of 18.

Be creative, be funny and most importantly, be original. There’s a $10,000 grand prize at stake, plus thousands of dollars in other categories including Best Humor, Best Sex, Best Kink and Most Creative, among others.

For extra credit, and to make sure the filmmakers know you’ve created this film exclusively for the 2020 festival, incorporate bubbles, a photo booth and Carol Channing—however you wish to interpret those.

One of the best parts about HUMP! is that your movie will never be released on the internet or anywhere other than official film festival screenings. So you can be a porn star to a limited audience and not have to worry about your grandma stumbling upon your exposed schlong while she’s spreading false information on Facebook.

Now enough of the fine print. Get to filming, people!

HUMP! Film Festival Call for Submissions
Deadline: September 15, 2020