Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Love Lucy

Chances are, you know Lucy Wrubel. Or at least you’ve been the beneficiary of her passion for spinning tunes around Dallas.

If you’ve been to an LGBTQ charity event—or any local charity event for that matter— in the past 20 years or so, you’ve probably heard her celebratory music sets.

Well, in the category of Happy Things To Come From COVID-19, she’s finally created a Spotify channel, something she said it took the quarantine for her to slow down long enough to make. Her setlists make for the perfect soundtracks whether you’re staging an in-home dance party, getting through your chores, or homeschooling the kiddoes.

Her dad is playing guest DJ and adding a new playlist today and you can find older lists from “Pops” on there, as well. Plus, she’s uploading a slew of older themed lists with new ones to come.

Right now, she’s offering them all for free. All she’s asking in return is that people follow her on Spotify and Instagram.

Music brings Lucy joy and she hopes she can share that same joy with the world—even it’s not on a dance floor with free champagne and a silent auction in the corner.

Lucy Wrubel In The Your House!
Find her on Spotify and Instagram

Photo courtesy of Lucy Wrubel