Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gaiter Aid

If you can’t have a sense of humor about a horrible pandemic, then what separates us from the apes? Six feet, of course, but besides that.

Like millions, we’re trying to find the bright spots where we can these days and we can always count on Swish Embassy to give us a hearty chuckle with their fabulously gay, pop-culture-spooging T-shirts. And now, they’ve taken their twisted sense of humor and applied them to neck gaiters.

Now we have to admit, we’ve never heard the term neck gaiter before and we really wish we hadn’t now. Reminds us too much of neck goiters. But whatever. They’re face coverings that should come in handy right about now.

Can you believe Schitt’s Creek ends this week? (sob)

Featuring everything from “Ew, Covid” to fabric adorned with The Golden Girls and a voguing He-Man, you’ll find plenty of laughs right at the tip of your nose.

As for the actual protection of these, well, they’re not technically going to replace any medical grade face masks or anything like that, but they will make you look fun and flirty, while also limiting respiratory droplets.

Damn. Remember when talking about bodily fluids made us horny and not scared? We’ll get back to that stage soon enough.


Swish Embassy Neck Gaiters
$17.45 (regularly $24.95)