Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Empress. Easter. Elijah.

Let us gather in virtual prayer over these matters.

Empress.  God save Betty Windsor.  The royal empress of the UK made one of her revered broadcast remarks this past weekend to address her subjects on the pandemic facing the world.  It was austere, compassionate and reassuring that all will make it through these dark times and beauty will return.  Lucky Brits to have such comfort from a leader, albeit a monarch.  Would that we Americans had such a person to offer a balm of comfort in these unprecedented times.  Just proves once and for all that sometimes it takes a Queen to take charge and make things pretty. 

Easter.  Now that church services have gone virtual, or are supposed to be, how shall we observe Easter this coming Sunday?  It’s a day of pomp and circumstance for churches whether Episcopalian high church or Pentecostal hoe down.  In this day of sheltering in place, do Mary and Martha simply watch the grave through Nazarene binoculars?  Do we get our Lord to sit in the tomb until further notice?  I know not the answers.  But I have faith that all of us will be resurrected to new life in due time.  At that time, let us all rejoice and pull out the stops in every house of worship.  And I’ll have a lot of spiritual touches to catch up on.

Elijah.  And speaking of religious holidays, let me give a word of comfort to the Jews.  As you observe Passover, it is my prayer that COVID-19 will pass over you and yours.  I’m recommending a few splashes of Corona on your door sills.  And if you gather with any fellow souls for a Seder, keep an eye on that open door.  If Elijah shows up, make sure he’s wearing a mask.