Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Takeout Of The Week: Just Say Dough

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic — and citywide shut-down of dining rooms — should make Khanh Nguyen seem like a crazy person.

Instead, we actually think he’s psychic.

Because long before all this COVID stuff changed our lives, he had a vision of a take-out-and-delivery-only location in the gayborhood of his popular local pizza chain, ZaLat.

Known for offering the perfect cure for the munchies, ZaLat serves up all sorts of traditional pizzas. And a few crazy ones, too.

The Pho Shizzle features all the flavors of a big steaming bowl of noodle soup, including chicken, red peppers, caramelized onions and swirls of both sriracha and hoisin sauces.

The Pineapple Express features exactly what you’d expect (pineapple), but also bacon, cracked red pepper, cilantro and teriyaki sauce—with or without jalapeño. (Our vote is definitely WITH.)

Another favorite of ours is the Loaded Notato, which brings everything to the crust you’d expect to find on a loaded baked potato, except for the actual potato. See? Crazy!

Some like it hot. Others like it creamy. ZaLat gives you both! | Photo by Kathy Tran

Whatever type of pizza you order, make sure to get plenty of homemade Srirancha dipping sauce. The love child of a torrid back-alley affair between ranch dressing and spicy sriracha sauce makes an irresistible accompaniment to any pie.

You can also order candy bars and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams because, well, munchies. Remember? And also toilet paper if they haven’t sold out.

The new location on Lemmon Avenue opens today at 4:00 p.m. complete with a rainbow version of their logo. So order up some pies from the newest addition to the Oak Lawn neighborhood, or any of their other six locations throughout the metroplex area.

Because if there’s one thing we all need more than ever, it’s comfort food. And for those in solo self-isolation, the familiar-but-fading sensation of something warm and delicious dripping off their chins.

ZaLat Lemmon Avenue
Opens today at 4:00 p.m.
Take-out and delivery only
4007 Lemmon Avenue, Suite B, Dallas

Photos by Kathy Tran