Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

She’s So Unusual

In less than two weeks, Will & Grace ends. For a second time.

And we’re actually really sad about it. The sitcom has been a nice source of familiarity, comfort and laugh-out-loud moments that we’ve really needed since certain things happened in November 2016. And how fun was last week’s I Love Lucy tribute?

Soon, we’ll be relegated to re-watching episodes on streaming services or seeking out new projects featuring the main ensemble players. Or passing time watching the antics of special guest stars on Instagram to give us our W&G fix in some small way.

First out of the gate from the fabulous foursome is Sean Hayes as the title character in Lazy Susan, which is already available for streaming.

Co-starring Allison Janney and featuring a momentary appearance by Matthew Broderick, Lazy Susan centers on Hayes’ (biologically female) character and her amazing ability to coast through life with the least amount of effort possible. The results are awkward, a little sad and a whole lot funny.

To be sure, the hilarity here is way more subdued than a typical laugh track-filled episode of a network sitcom, but it’s fun to see Hayes go all in for the role of a sad-sack, self-centered collagist and occasional flutist.

Catch Lazy Susan on pretty much any on-demand platform you can imagine and get sucked into her world for 90 minutes.

It’s a weird place to be, but at least you don’t have to stay for long.

Lazy Susan
Now streaming on-demand

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