Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Takeout Of The Week: 4/20 Edition

If we never have to see another styrofoam container, we’ll be happy forever. But for now, getting delicious meals to-go will be the only way we can get a break from meal prep. And despite our trashy family tree, we’ve about run out of casserole recipes.

That’s why last week we temporarily retired our Brunch Of The Week feature and replaced it with Takeout of the Week. Every Monday we’ll highlight a fun, unique or just-plain-delicious option for dining from your very own dining room.

Today, we’re celebrating 4/20 with a few options guaranteed to cure the munchies. Or simply put you in a better mood, whether you’re a fan of the green stuff or just enjoy all the comfort foods at once.

Here’s a six-pack of ways to indulge today.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Photo by Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Remember that Saturday Night Live sketch about Taco Town? The place where you could get a taco wrapped in a pizza wrapped in a blueberry pancake? Well, this is the closest thing we’ve ever seen to that.

Today only, head to either Greenville Avenue Pizza Company location for “The Doobie,” a stoner-worthy combo featuring a slice of cheese pizza topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, wrapped around a fried chicken breast seasoned with their “pizza crack,” drizzled in ranch dressing and served in a Cheetos bag for $10.

The photo op alone is worth buying this!


Red Stix Asian Street Food

Photo by Emily Black

We don’t have to wait until 4/20 to get our fix of Chef Uno’s famous duck fat fried rice. But today’s an even better day to snatch up the delectable dish because it comes with so much more as part of the Red Stix Asian Street Food 4/20 meal for only $24.20.

Included in your to-go bag will be an order of sweet-and-spicy wings, chicken dumplings, duck fat fried rice, a pork banh mi sandwich, a bag of chips, chocolate chip cookies and a full bottle of sparkling wine.

It’s enough for two. Or one very, very hungry person that’s feeling more than a little snacky.


Dank Vodka

Photo by Dank Vodka

OK, so you can’t technically enjoy Dank Vodka today, but this local, distilled-in-Waxahachie spirit, is one to keep on your radar. It’ll hit stores in the next few weeks and if you haven’t already guessed from the name, the bright, citrusy vodka contains cannabis terpenes. Drinking this won’t get you high, but it can definitely improve your mood.


Rodeo Goat

Photo by Andrews Cope

There’s nothing quite like a burger to satisfy a craving for something salty and more than a little bad for you (but oh-so-good). Today only, order from your favorite Rodeo Goat location and get one heck of a good 4/20 deal.

It all starts with a Bodacious burger (American cheese, bacon, crispy onions, grilled jalapeños, pickles, smoke jalapeño mayo and BBQ sauce), a side of queso for dipping and a side order of fries or a Dank IPA for only 10 buckeroos.

Ask for extra napkins. (And keep any leftovers in case you run out of Charmin.)



Photo by Snuffer’s

What a coincidence! April 20 is also National Cheddar Fries Day? Seems to good to be true, but it’s not. Today only, Snuffer’s is selling munchie packs, which you can customize by adding burgers, alcohol and other items to your cheese fries order, starting at $20.

Or, go for the ultimate munchie pack that features your choice of four classic burgers or 24 chicken strips—or two classic burgers and 12 chicken strips. Add to that two large baskets of fries (which, of course, you’ll want to upgrade to cheddar fries), two slices of cheesecake and a domestic beer six-pack or two house margaritas. Quite the bargain for $45.

Dinner’s served, Snoop.


Flying Saucer

Photo by Josh Justice

Belly up to your home bar for a beer tasting featuring six Avery Brewing Co. beers from Flying Saucer. Available for pickup or delivery via Uber Eats (we suggest pickup so the restaurant makes more money), you’ll get one each of Liliko’i Kepolo Belgian-Style White, Passionfruit Ellie’s Brown Ale, Hazyish IPA, Pear of Peaches Imperial IPA, Vanilla Bean Stout and The Reverend Belgian-style Quad. Avery will guide Beerknurds through each beer live on @flyingsaucer95 official Instagram page and open the discussion up for a Q and A.

What makes it extra 4/20ish is the inclusion of a Twinkie and a tasting card that includes food pairings that you probably already have available in your cupboard. Of course, you can also order up hot wings, burgers and loaded rocket tots just to be safe.

Cheers to 4/20!