Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Friends, Roamin’ Countrymen

We’ve tried a lot of things for the first time during self-isolation: Baked biscuits from scratch; churned homemade ice cream; even learned to install a gate latch (and use a drill!)

We also tried our hand at designing custom luggage.

Well, sort of.

The good people at ROAM Luggage reached out to us with the opportunity to custom create our own luggage. Of course, we agreed, because we can always use a new suitcase (especially a free one) that can truly stand out on the carousel when we reach our next tropical destination.

(Sooooooon, we hope!)

Room for one more in your hotel room?

We opted for the wide carry-on because we felt it offered us the most versatility. We can definitely utilize it for shorter trips, whether we decide to check it into the cargo hold or stow it in the overhead compartment so that we can get off than plane and right to the beach that much faster.

Travel in style like the cool kids when you create your own rainbow.

Designing your own bag is easy, too. Simply pick your favorite style from the four options then get creative. You can choose the colors of every component from the side panels (each can be a different color) to the handle, wheels and stitching.

Or, if you don’t want to stress about the million different possible combinations, you can find inspiration from their style gallery. But we say, go for it and make each piece uniquely yours (including a free three-letter monogram).

Features include an extremely lightweight design, an adjustable telescoping handle, best-in-class wheels, a waterproof zipper, TSA-approved lock and a lie-flat carry handle.

Every piece of luggage is handcrafted and made to order in the United States and comes with free shipping and free returns after a 100-day risk-free trial for extra peace of mind. But you’re going to love it too much.

Plus, use this link for $50 off your first order.

By the time you receive your new bag(s), we’ll be that much closer to a mile-high adventure somewhere exotic. Or at the very least, one helluva great road trip.

ROAM Luggage
$495 to $595 per piece
Use this code for $50 off

All photos & video courtesy of ROAM Luggage