Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Heartfelt. Hornets. Hollywood.

I may have a mask on, but my lips shall still confess!

Heartfelt.  Former President George W. Bush issued a video this past week as a panacea for the current American condition.  It was heartfelt, compassionate and comforting.  When our land is being comforted by a heretofore regarded Texas yahoo, I must repeat that we prepare the way of the Lord.  These are clearly the end times!

Hornets.  Even so, plagues are befalling us for our wicked ways.  A global pandemic is upon us.  We are all living in fear of illness and mortality.  Apparently, this has not turned our eyes heavenward.  Now we are being beset with murderous hornets on American soil.  I shudder to think what future biblical plagues may be thrust upon us.  Look, these started several years ago.  God sent down our President as a plague in the land followed up by Billie Eilish.  Lord, how long willst thou punish?

Hollywood.  Self-quarantine is causing me to spend more time perusing televised filth.  I’m just appalled at what passes as entertainment these days.  I thought I could get away from the usual perversity I’d been seeing on network television, so I moved to interweb-based networks.  While I’m tickled to death to find reruns of Gunsmoke and The Waltons on DirectTV, there are certainly more salacious offerings on the Netflicks.  I thought I’d catch a show about the bygone era of 40s Hollywood, so I tuned in to the eponymously named program.  I’ve never seen such filth.  All but full-on sex in every episode, glorified prostitution, sodomites at every corner and enough bad language to turn a sailor red.  I was so appalled, I couldn’t turn away and watched every episode to see if it would ever turn to wholesome Hollywood glamour.  Nope.  But I’ll tell you this…..some of those cast members have caused me to fall on my knees for forgiveness of my impure thoughts.