Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Welcome To Your New Home Theater

So you’ve already watched everything available on Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video?

We feel your pain.

Now there’s a brand new option for in-home entertainment that recreates one of our favorite pastimes—a night out at Alamo Drafthouse. Rent or buy new releases, documentaries and really, really weird cult favorites from the comfort of wherever you like to put your butt.

Each title at Alamo on Demand is hand-selected by a member of the Alamo Drafthouse team, so movies fit the vibe you’ve come to love from the Texas-based theater chain. Create your own Terror Tuesday or Weird Wednesday on any day of the week. There are no rules!

Rentals start at a mere $2.99 and come with a 48-hour playback window. And just like Drafthouse, you can enjoy bottomless popcorn!

Of course, you have to make it yourself, but we’re confident you can handle that.

Alamo on Demand
Rentals from $2.99