Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Donald, Dallas & Duos

Speaking to you from behind a mask which does not prevent wisdom from escaping.

Donald.  The crayolavirus response at the House of White has been lacking in its example to the American people.  Our leader believes that he is invincible (Lincoln and Kennedy are on line 1) and therefore needs take no precaution.  Now that the virus has waltzed into the West Wing, most staff are finally donning masks to lessen the droplets of virus-laden mouth spray.  Reportedly, Donnie is not wearing a mask.  I believe that, larger than the fear of virus transmission, the action on his part leaves the entire executive branch of government exposed to possible idiocy infection caused by ignorance spewn forth from his mouth.  Tune in to the next press conference for evidence thereof.

Dallas.  I hate when the hometown of my ministry makes news for all the wrong reasons.  I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about the woman hairdresser here in Dallas who has become the darling of the anti-isolation movement.  First of all, and I’m not condoning the sodomite lifestyle, but a female hairdresser?  She’s surely not very good.  Her own hair makes me thirsty.  But after blatantly ignoring state-mandated laws on not reopening her salon, she was given a GoFundMe account for her cause which raised half a million dollars, she was touted as a hero by Fox News, and then excused by our own Governor who changed his law for her sake.  She capped it off by giving Texas Senator Ted Cruz a haircut.  Praise the Lord she wasn’t black or this tale would have ended up with her life savings being levied, being touted as a villain on Fox News, thrown in prison by our Governor, and had her head shaved by Texas Senator John Cornyn.  Pray, Brothers and Sisters.  Pray.

Duos.  Alas, another elderly person of Hollywood renown has passed from this life.  Diminutive Hebrew, Jerry Stiller, succumbed to natural causes at the age of 92.  I have fond memories of he and his late wife, Sister Anne Meara, entertaining a younger me via Brother Ed Sullivan’s program.  The fruit of their loins, Brother Ben Stiller, then carried on the family funny bone, albeit with less family fare.  I rejoice in the reunion of Jerry and Anne in the great beyond as they carry on with Brother Burns and Sister Allen while waiting with Brother Nichols for Sister May to give up the ghost.  Go Teams!