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Takeout Of The Week: Dumplings For Days

The Dallas restaurant scene will never be the same again. That’s a fact, but not necessarily one that signifies only doom and gloom. Restaurants have really impressed us with innovating new ways to satisfy our hunger and thirst and keep everyone safe, too.

As some restaurants opened their patios and dining rooms to 25% capacity in recent days, we’ve been keeping a close eye on how locals are reacting. Therefore, we put Takeout of the Week on hold for a bit. But seeing that there’s still a great number of people opting to continue to social distance and self-isolate (super-smart in our opinion), takeout is still a huge piece of the back-to-normal puzzle.

That said, we’re back with a review of Sum Dang Good Chinese, a Trinity Groves restaurant backed by Phil Romano, who had the balls to not only open the doors during a pandemic, but debut with a name that caused some heated, but brief, controversy.

The Dragon & Phoenix brings chicken & shrimp together | Rebecca Ramos Photography

Well, if you’re a fan of He Said Magazine, you know it takes a lot to offend us. Because we’ve definitely been guilty of crossing a few lines ourselves over the years—and believe that in many instances Boycott Culture shifts the focus from more important issues—we decided to give Sum Dang Good a review solely on the merit of its food, specifically its takeout.

If you’re still offended, then perhaps there’s an egg roll up your butt you’ve forgotten about. (But we also respect everyone’s right to be offended at anything if it’s genuine.)

The dishes come from the skilled mind—and searing wok—of chef Weigou Cai, a 40-year veteran of Chinese cuisine and former head chef at beloved Royal China. So this guy knows his stuff, not to mention how to execute Americanized favorites to perfection.

Dumplings—available steamed, fried or as soup dumplings—really stand out among the more authentic dishes and could easily become a meal when ordering a few different varieties. And, like the rice and noodle dishes we sampled, they traveled well and showed up piping hot to our house that’s easily 20 minutes away.

Who doesn’t love a cocktail with a free flower for your hair?

We didn’t get any cocktail kits when we ordered online, but once we venture back out to dining rooms, we plan to give their full bar menu a try. And if the quality and temperature of our takeout is any indication, we can’t wait to try the food piping hot from the kitchen.

Not to mention as many fortune cookies as it takes to get a prediction we like.

Sum Dang Good Chinese
3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas (Trinity Groves)

Food photos by Rebecca Ramos Photography;
Cocktail photo courtesy of Sum Dang Good Chinese