Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

ALMA Matters

It’s New Music Friday and we’ve got an album we think you’re going to love.

And if you’re like us, it’s probably an artist you might have overlooked. After all, we’re not usually looking to green-haired people with their tongues out for great music. (It’s the burgeoning fuddy-duddy in us.)

But what a surprise as soon as we heard Have U Seen Her? from LGBTQ punk/pop artist ALMA. Though her debut album drops today, the Finnish singer-songwriter’s been making a name for herself in the music business for years, writing for everyone from Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray to Miley Cyrus and Charli XCX.

She’s got a unique sound that’s eerily soothing and super-catchy all at once. Even her “in-quarantine” music video (below) impresses with its creativity. Add her album to your favorite streaming platform today or purchase the whole thing wherever you buy or download music.

ALMA is now our second-favorite four-letter word. Appropriately enough, her music makes a great soundtrack for acting out that our top favorite.

Have U Seen Her? by ALMA
Out today

Photo courtesy Sony Music Germany/RCA Records