Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Amy’s Back. Yeah, Baby!

Forget Oprah, either of the Obamas and Mr. J. H. Christ.

If we had to choose a single person to have a dream dinner with, we’d pick Amy Sedaris. And that goes double if she’s making the casserole.

Few people on the planet make us laugh as much as the funniest of all the Sedaris middle children. And she’s back tonight with an all-new episode of her Emmy-nominated At Home with Amy Sedaris.

With each new season, the shows get more outrageous and more gut-bustingly hilarious as we’re transported into her warped world of domesticity. Season 3 is easily the best yet, at least judging from the first two episodes we were able to preview in advance of tonight’s debut. In the first installment, we find our favorite crafting goddess at the end of her fallopian tube trying to get ready for a baby in the house.

And all we have to say for now is, “Huckleberry for President.”

At Home with Amy Sedaris
Season 3 debuts tonight
9:00 p.m.

Amy Sedaris, Jane Krakowski Photograph by Phil Caruso