Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Miss, Mammon, Morbid.

Each week, I am given an opportunity to bear witness to current events.  Behold.

Miss.  They say that beauty never dies, but that was put to the test this past week with the death of Sister Phyllis George.  As a Texas pageant queen, her wholesome beauty and talent elevated her to Miss America in 1971.  Followed by a career in sports journalism and marriage which catapulted her to First Lady of Kentucky, Sister Phyllis was revered for her genuine kindness and goodwill which matched her external good looks.  I grieve that such fine Christian women are taken from us at such a relatively young age, while we are left to endure other trash in our earthly midst.  Nonetheless, I can hear in glory as the Pearly Gates are opened and the heavenly voice of Brother Bert Parks croons from a cloud, “There she is, Miss America.”

Mammon.  Scientists and politicians alike are debating the wisdom of re-opening our economy in the face of a still unconquered virus.  Is it worse to (a) cause suffering by the continued decline of the economy and a way of life, or (b) restore order to businesses while risking the deaths of countless others thru further viral infections?  One need only to see the news to witness the passionate behavior of those on both sides of this question.  Here in my home state of Texas, option (b) is prevailing.  Therefore, as a person with a successful track record of answered prayers, I am asking the Lord above that the Angel of COVID pass over those whose worship of mankind exceeds their worship of mammon.  Amen.

Morbid.  Speaking of mammon lovers, our esteemed President is reveling in his professed self-administration of hydroxychloroquine to protect him from crayolavirus infection.  Never mind that said compound hasn’t been fully vetted as a safe treatment.  And never mind that there is no proof that Donnie is actually swallowing said drug.  After all, Brother Bill Clinton said that he smoked the marijuana but admitted that he never inhaled.  Let us then show concern for our leader since medical advice indicates possible heart problems cause by hydroxycloroxqueen.  As Sister Pelosi so lovingly stated, such substance can be hard on a person like Brother Trump who is morbidly obese.  Let us pray.