Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cover Your Holes (3 Of Them, At Least)

As you’re already aware, the hottest fashion trend of 2020 is the good ol’ face mask. When this all started, we were forced to take whatever we could get, whether it was something rigged from a coffee filter, condoms and sequins or a boring standard-issue surgeon’s mask acquired before the shortage.

Well, the new frontier of droplet-spread prevention is all about custom face coverings, whether it’s choosing an existing design or fabric that suits you or starting from scratch and creating your own.

Show your Pride while keeping your droplets to yourself. (Now there’s a sentence we never dreamed we’d ever type.)

Zazzle has a huge lineup of LGBTQ Pride edition designs (most of which are only $12.95), but they also have a completely customizable option for $15.95, as well as one with a filter slot for $15.95. Both options allow you to add your own photo, graphic or text for the posted price.

So you could be on your way to sneezing underneath your family Christmas photo, that autographed photo of Charo you’ve been waiting to use for something creative or a phrase that tells everyone exactly what you’re thinking.

“Stay the F*CK away” sounds good to us.

Zazzle Pride Face Masks & Custom Imprints
From $12.95