Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Strike A Pose

If you could choose only one new show to add to your watchlist this week, make it Legendary.

It’s one of a half-dozen original series that debuted with the launch of HBO Max this week and it’s a real standout. Even among hundreds of popular series and movies that are part of the massive HBO Max library.

The reality competition centers on modern-day ballroom culture and voguing, with spectacular houses battling it out with high-fashion and insane choreography. Pretty much Drag Race on steroids.

Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) plays host and judges alongside a panel featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Law Roach, Leiomy Maldonado and weekly guest judges. Dashaun Wesley provides commentary and DJ MikeQ spins music on his turntable. (You might even end up dancing for joy while you watch.)

It’s a phenomenal showcase of talent, but also a terrific reminder of the tremendous contribution to queer culture from trans people of color, who originated voguing back in the day.

Catch the first episode now. Some HBO subscribers already have access to HBO Max, but if you’re not one of the lucky ones, you can get your first week free. After that, it’s only $14.99 a month and includes SO. MUCH. CONTENT.

Hell, we already have the relaunched Looney Tunes cartoons in our queue and a package of edibles just waiting to enhance the experience. It’s going to be epically hilarious!

But until then, we’re happy to enjoy the pure epicness that is Legendary.

Episode one streaming now

Photos courtesy of HBO Max