Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Art Of Being Different

Beach vacations may not be on everyone’s agenda this summer, but whether you make it to actual sand or just your backyard or balcony, we’ve got a great read perfect for the occasion.

Here For It brings together a collection of hilarious essays from the life of writer R. Eric Thomas. Within its pages are gut-busting stories of growing up Black yet surrounded by suburban white privilege, of being gay yet deeply rooted in a Christian upbringing.

The author, R. Eric Thomas

Lin-Manuel Miranda compares him to David Sedaris and we have to agree. His conversational, utterly relatable writing style elicits much laughter but also gets you thinking a little along the way.

Plus, we’re always drawn to memoirs for vacation reading because each chapter is self-contained and you can either plow through the book from start to finish or enjoy the narrative off and on between margaritas.

Grab this 2020 release today in hardcover, digital or read aloud by the author himself. No matter how you choose to consume his words, you’ll feel a connection to his life and how wonderful it can be to be different than everyone else.

Here For It by R. Eric Thomas
$11.99 (Kindle) to $17.99 (hardcover)