Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

New Reasons To Drink

You haven’t gotten a haircut in three months?

Cheers to that!

That ever-growing beard still shocks you when you see yourself in the mirror?

Bottoms up!

If you know us, you know we can always find a reason to toast a situation with a cocktail. Well, this weekend, we have two more and they’re rather official. Tomorrow is World Gin Day and Sunday is National Bourbon Day, two holidays we never realized we were missing.

To commemorate the duo of drinking occasions, we are turning to a Fort Worth distillery to give us our fix and help us support a local business at the same time. And you can, too, with the smooth, complex spirits from Blackland.

Best of all, the Blackland tasting room has officially reopened for business. Or you can purchase bottles at your favorite liquor store to craft a cocktail to beat this summer heat.

Hmmm, summer heat. One more valid reason to drink!

Blackland Gin
$30 per 750 ml (suggested retail price)
Blackland Bourbon Whiskey
$35 per 750 ml (suggested retail price)

Bottle photos courtesy of Blackland