Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Vomit With Your Besties

We’ve never been huge fans of partying with large groups of randos. These days, the thought makes us really cringe.

But the good folks over at Rainbow Vomit earlier this summer debuted a way to enjoy their signature multi-colored experience space with only those you trust. Even if it’s just you, yourself and, well, you. (That doesn’t work nearly as well as “me, myself and I,” does it?)

With Private Sanctuary reservations, you can have the whole place to yourself and your trusted friends and family for a full hour. It’s $150 for up to eight people Monday to Thursday, and $200 for up to eight people Friday to Sunday. You can add on additional people for a maximum of 20 total, but masks and social distancing are encouraged, even if you’re with people you know.

As part of their long list of new safety measures, there are multiple hand-washing stations and sanitizer throughout the space, gloves available on request and additional sanitizing protocols between groups.

Best of all, you can control the music, light and it’s BYOB.

So if you’ve been waiting to visit Rainbow Vomit all these many months, now may be the best—and safest—time yet to get some incredible photos that’ll be absolutely perfect for next year’s Pride Month greeting cards.

Rainbow Vomit Private Sanctuary
From $150 per hour (up to 8 people)

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Vomit