Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

DeVos. Da Cross. Da Loss.

I’m a little wordy this week, but the Lord has been speaking through me.

DeVos.  Let us begin with scripture.  Matthew 19:14, where Jesus said (in red letters) “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  I have yet to find any version of the Bible where this is translated as “Let the little children come to suffer.”  And yet Sister Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, is decreeing that all children will return to school in August regardless of risks from the Crayola virus.  First of all, Secretary??  I sincerely doubt that Betsy can even type, but I digress.  Now, should any school decide to err on the side of caution and NOT reopen for the sake of the children, Sister DeVos can take away their funding.  Apparently, children are not spawns, they are pawns.  Let me say to Cruella DeVos, uh, Betsy DeVille, uh, HER……God don’t like ugly, and you’re already working with a deficit.

Da Cross.  One of the top stories this past week was the fact that our esteemed President commuted the prison sentence for his friend, Brother Roger Stone. To put that in biblical terms, Brother Donny has forgiven all of Brother Roger’s sins. I fervently believe that Mr. Trump is of the belief that he is perhaps the second coming of Christ Himself. Therefore, let me remind him then that if he’s going to follow that line, Christ was crucified and died for the forgiveness of all. If Donny wants to keep freeing and forgiving, I am prepared to drive him to a hill in Virginia with a couple of two by fours and some nails. Let us gather.

Da Loss.  Speaking of the religious nature of Donald Trump, let me remind you that he has been referred to by certain evangelical leaders as “the most faith friendly president in history.” Keeping that in mind, DT experienced loss last week when John Roberts and The Supremes decided last week that brother Donny was indeed going to have to release his tax records. While these records are still going to be tied up in legal wrangling and not immediately released to the public at large, it is my belief that Brother Trump is currently wishing that he was indeed more like a church so he would not have had to pay taxes at all. Let me be clear, I certainly don’t want my ministry to have to give up its tax exempt status, but as long as we can cherry pick scriptures for our own needs, I believe that we should be able to cherry pick which churches need to lose their free ride in exchange for pulpit-based political gain.  Amen?