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“The Golden Girls” House For Sale

Are you the world’s greatest The Golden Girls fan? The ultimate piece of GG swag is now available for just $3 million. That’s right, the show’s 5th character – that house! – is on the market.

There’s just one catch. Instead of “Picture it, Miami 1985,” the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles will have to do. According to the listing, it’s the first time in 65 years that this 4-bedroom midcentury modern treasure has publicly been on the market.

Also, there’s another catch: only the exterior of the house (set in Miami) was used in the show. The interior bears absolutely no resemblance to the iconic living room, kitchen, lanai and Blanche’s palm frond’ed bedroom that we adore.

No Cheesecake (or AARP cards) in sight

See the full listing and more photo here.