Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Doctor, Doctor

As much fun as it is to play doctor, there’s no comparison to the real thing when your health is at stake. And that’s why we continue to keep you in-the-know about LGBTQ-specific healthcare options at your disposal right here in Dallas.

With many of us foregoing trips to the doctor due to Covid-19 concerns, it’s more important than ever to learn about options that keep your safety their top priority. Prism Health North Texas will alleviate your worries the moment you make an appointment, especially for anyone experiencing health issues and concerned about no insurance (or bad insurance). Virtual appointments are also available now, too.

Among the many services at Prism Health North Texas, you can access testing for sexually transmitted infections, which are completely free along with treatment should you be diagnosed with something. HIV testing is also free and treatment options can be procured at little to no cost based on income and insurance status. This includes starting or continuing a regimen of PrEP.

All pricing of services and treatments are determined on a case-by-case basis, but everyone should find out their options. Especially anyone who is sexually active.

Behavioral health counseling is also available for current patients. An extensive lineup of transgender healthcare options (including primary care services) make Prism Health North Texas one of the premier providers of healthcare for our transgender friends, so please help spread the word.

Best of all, this vast array of services for the LGBTQ community can now be found at all three area clinics: (2801 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 200); the Oak Cliff Health Center (219 Sunset Avenue, Suite 116-A); and the South Dallas Health Center (4922 Spring Avenue).

So book an appointment today. You could be opening wide and saying “ahhh” very soon.

Prism Health North Texas