Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Propriety, Prayer & Portraits

I beseech thee, behold these words of truth.

Propriety.  These apocalyptic days of pandemic panic are resulting in unprecedented changes in daily life. Recently, this great country‘s largest retailer issued an edict that all patrons of its establishment outposts be required to wear facial masks in an effort to curb Crayolavirus infections. I would like to applaud the fine people at Walmart for this move. However, after my many experiences of horror at the lack of propriety in their establishments, I am left to wonder why it has taken them this long to require adherence to any sort of body covering decorum. I can attest that I have had countless instances of exposure to poor clothing choices which have been making me sick for years.  This mask ordinance is a fine example of what I call too little too late.  Let us pray.

Prayer.  Sister Ruth Bader Ginsburg has disclosed the unfortunate news that she is once again fighting the scourge of cancer. This revelation has caused multitudes of people to fall to their knees in prayer for this woman in recent days. The specific requests of these many prayers are unfortunately not all in one accord. While many are praying for a healing touch, many are praying for her release from pain and subsequent rise to glory. Regardless of the intent, I can faithfully say that there haven’t been this many prayers for a Jew since that post supper gathering in Gethsemane.

Portraits.  In artistic news, the official portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have recently had their prominent placement in the White House moved to a rarely used, smaller room, effectively putting them out of sight. It seems that Brother Trump was displeased with being photographed or filmed with these two men lurking over his shoulder. This move on his part truly shows the influence which Brother Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas has wielded over our president. After all, everyone knows that if a Baptist ignores something unpleasant or moves the subject out of sight, it simply does not exist. Praise the Lord!