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Nailed It!

We haven’t had a haircut in more than four months. And it’s been even longer since our last manicure. We’re still not ready to venture out to any hair or nail salons, still among the highest risk places right now.

Our lengthening hair isn’t a problem at all. We’ve been enjoying running our fingers through our long, flowing locks—until a hangnail gets caught on a hair and rips it from our scalp. Ouch!

That’s when we know it’s time to hack away at the keratinous plates at the end of our fingers.

Of course, we try to maintain our fingernails and toenails every few days and we’ve always done a decent job, but everything changed for the better when Manscaped sent us their brand-new nail grooming kit, The Shears 2.0. We were expecting a well-made, but traditional, set of nail care tools, but we were thrilled when we opened up the compact case.

Not only are the tools built to last like everything we’ve tried from Manscaped this year, but the nail clippers themselves have a revolutionary new design we’ve never seen before. They close to a completely flat state and feel totally different while using. Our nails have never looked better—at least while not covered in colorful nail polish. (Which, by the way, is right on trend right now.)

In addition to the clippers, the kit includes slant-tipped tweezers, rounded point scissors and a medium grit nail filed in a sleek faux leather case.

So if you’re in need of a little nail maintenance yourself, these could be the last nail clippers you ever buy. And just think how proud you’ll be when you flash your middle finger at a no-masker next time you’re at the grocery store.

Manscaped The Shears 2.0
$19.99 (Free Shipping)