Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let’s Hear It For The Boi

Children’s theater rarely interests us (mainly because it involves actually sitting near real kids in an audience). But there’s a new production that debuted live in February that’s now available for online rental.

Andy Boi comes from local theater genius Bruce R. Coleman who wrote and directed the highly topical story of one teen’s transgender journey for Dallas Children’s Theater. It starts with Andi’s first day of school identifying as male and how fellow students and teachers react. As you can imagine, the responses run the gamut from caring to confrontational.

Viewers can rent the filmed version of the play for $20. Not only is that a bargain price, it also helps keep money flowing to one of many extremely important arts organizations in Dallas.

Even though the play’s geared toward teens 13 an up, adults will find it inspirational and informative, too. Plus, you probably know a specific family that could really benefit from having conversations about gender after watching the play, either for their own children or others going through a transition. Sure, every family needs it, but we all know that we’re still not at that place in society yet for most to accept this concept.

But with a play like Andi Boi that takes many different beliefs into account, it’s a great step toward a brave new world where gender simply doesn’t matter.

Andi Boi
$20 streaming rentals

Photo by Karen Almond for Dallas Children’s Theater